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Posted on Aug 7th, 2013

Financial Assistance Available for Septic Pumping Program
Gap View Village residents are eligible for a 50% cost-share on septic pumping (up to $150).
Funding is currently available to pump Septic tanks in the Elks Run Watershed (which includes Gap View Village).  This project is funded by EPA’s Section 319 program, which supports a variety of activities to reduce nonpoint source pollution (water pollution that comes from many sources, as a result of rainfall and snowmelt picking up pollutants as it runs into waterways).    
The purpose of this project is to keep the Elks Run clean and to reduce pollutants such as sediment, bacteria, and nutrients.  Special state funding to the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District has made this project possible for all residents of the Elks Run Watershed. 
In order to receive 50% (up to $150) reimbursement:  Complete the application form.  Mail the completed form with a copy of your payment to the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District, Jefferson County Water Quality Improvement Project.  This form is available  here, and under Documents and Forms to the left under Association, the Forms/Applications.